Orange, the leading French company in telecommunications was created in 1994. After Romain Ragusa won the prize for the best business plan given by the association « Sport dans la Ville », the French brand followed him quite closely. It was then in 2017 that we became partners and sponsors with Orange.

AMD is an American manufacturer of semiconductors, microprocessors and graphics cards.

This company, founded in 1969, has been our partner and sponsor since August 2020. 

Corsair is an American hardware company created in 1994. 

Partner since August 2020, this company has provided us with the necessary hardware for our various gaming PCs.


MSI is a Taiwan-based company founded in 1986. The company is among the top three computer hardware manufacturers in the world. We have been partnering with this brand since August 2020 and they have supplied us with all our computer monitors.


Our ambassadors are people who stream regularly on the Twitch platform.

We are very happy that they are part of our adventure and that they support the project of The Source. It’s partly thanks to them that our company has been able to succeed, so don’t hesitate to have a look at their varied content!



The protectors have contributed to our Ulule fund and have unlimited access to The Source. 

They advise us on certain decisions, on our history, on the layout or on the choice of material.